Pricing + Services


Consulting Services starting at $75/hour.

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Garden Consultation

$75/hour — Come to your location and discuss your objectives in gardening. Observe the land. Understand light and local micro climates. 

Implementation planning

$125/hour — Break your design into phases that allow the work to be conducted in the right sequence and paced to match your budget.

$125/hour — Bidding your project with local contractors. Defining a budget. You will need to select the contractor, sign contracts, make monetary deposits, and schedule the work.

Peonies - 

Stems— Prices and Availability Vary. Approximately 300 stems available in July and Early August

Bare Root Peonies — Starting in June 2019, See Peony Root Page 

Planting at your location — Done on a time and materials basis. Time is $100/hr.

Design Options

$75/hour — Basic: Develop options for your garden based upon site observations.

$125/hour — Advanced: Develop drawings of your land with topography. Showing present, types of plants, plants of different ages with ability to walk through, and hard landscaping fixtures.

Plant Purchase

15% Mark-Up —  Opa’s Garden can get whole sale pricing for some plant and bare root providers. When possible, only a 15% mark-up for customers who buy qualifying plants, chemicals, or equipment through Opa’s Garden.